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General Information

ipythonblocks and ipythonblocks.org are made by Matt Davis. ipythonblocks can be found on GitHub. ipythonblocks.org is generously hosted by Rackspace.

What is ipythonblocks?

ipythonblocks works in the IPython Notebook to give students a grid of colored blocks they can manipulate with Python. It's a great way for students to practice flow control and other aspects of programming with immediate, visual feedback on what their code is doing. It can even animate loops to show students what has changed at every step!

The best way to learn about ipythonblocks is to check out some of the example Notebooks:

What is ipythonblocks.org?

ipythonblocks.org is a site where people can share the grids they create, and find starting points for their own exploration.

How do I post to ipythonblocks.org?

Once you've made something you want to share, use the .post_to_web() method to send it to ipythonblocks.org. You'll get back a URL you can share with your friends so they can see what you've been up to.

When you post a grid you can select IPython code cells to send so that others can see how you actually made your beautiful grid. And if you don't want your post shown to people clicking the “Random” link, you can specify that we keep it secret.

How do I use a grid from ipythonblocks.org?

If you find something you like on ipythonblocks.org you can use it as a starting point for your own work. Use the BlockGrid.from_web() or ImageGrid.from_web() class methods to load the grid into the IPython Notebook for your own use.

You specify a grid to .from_web() by passing in a “grid ID”. This is the short, random looking string of letters and numbers you see at the end of the URL when you are looking at a grid on ipythonblocks.org. For example, the “zzzzzz” in “http://ipythonblocks.org/zzzzzz”.

What is a “secret” grid?

Secret grids are public like everything on ipythonblocks.org, but they will not be searchable or be shown to users looking at random grids.

How can I give feedback, contribute, or report bugs?

ipythonblocks is developed on GitHub, which is a great place to make feature requests or report bugs. If you don't have a GitHub account you can email Matt.